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Fixtures 2015-2016

Work is starting on the fixtures for next season.

We are still awaiting details of the structure of some leagues but it is hoped that the fixtures will be issued before the bank holiday at the end of May.

As a guide we hope to offer local fixtures where possible during the opening round of the Rugby World Cup so that away teams can get home before the 8pm kick off. There will be no games planned on the weekend of the final - 31st October.

14 club leagues will start on the 5th September.

06 May 15

End of season playoffs

With all league games in the South West completed on schedule, we can now confirm the promotion playoffs

Exmouth v Barnes
Newent v Kingsbridge
Salisbury v Aylesbury
Towcestrians v Ivybridge
Veor v Plymstock Albion Oaks
Winscombe v Whitehall

Matches to be played on the 25th/26th April. The venues have been decided under the regulations regarding Best Playing Record - ie the number of points gained as a percentage of the number possible in the club's league.
Clubs involved have been posted a match card.

19 Apr 15

Exeter University lose appeal

An RFU Disciplinary Panel has upheld the South West’s decision to deduct 50 points from Exeter University for a series of breaches of the conditions applicable to their participation in the English Clubs Championship.

The panel, chaired by High Court Judge Sir James Dingemans, heard the club had agreed to conditions when it joined the leagues in 2011 that it would not use players who had played in the BUCS League in the same season. At the start of this season the club had applied to have these removed but had been turned down. The club acknowledged it had then breached the conditions rather than challenge them further.

The panel noted the League Secretary’s decision to deduct the club on the basis of five points per game rather than five points per player was designed to punish the University but not relegate them.

The South West and the University will discuss what conditions, if any, should apply to the team for Season 2015-2016.

24 Mar 15

Exeter University

Exeter University have been deducted 50 competition points for breach of league conditions. The South West Organising Committee responsible for running the English Clubs Championship in the South West took the decision after discovering there were some 40 occasions the rules had been broken this season. Under the terms agreed when the team joined the leagues in 2011 the University should not play players who had featured in the university’s first XV in the University's National inter university Competition.

The breaches took place over 10 matches and the deduction was calculated at 5 points per match.

The University, who originally accepted the terms, now feel the conditions to be “perverse and unfair”. They have admitted fielding players in breach of those conditions.

In accordance with League Regulations the University appealed to the South West Organising Committee which appointed an independent and experienced panel of experts from Somerset, Dorset & Wilts and Devon who rejected the appeal upholding the original decision. They commented that if the University objected to the conditions (which they had originally agreed) an appeal should have been lodged to the Rugby Football Union at the time rather than just ignoring and breaching them.

The University has now appealed to the Rugby Football Union against the points deduction which if upheld would mean it will not be promoted this year. The hearing will be held on Wednesday 18th March..

07 Mar 15 (updated 13 Mar 15)

Transfer Deadline

For those who are not "Permitted Players" the transfer deadline is the 27th February - that means the players must complete their waiting period by then. So for seven day registrations we must have them in the post no later than Friday 20th February and for expedited ones by 12 noon on Friday 27th.

For full details see the latest newsletter from the menu above.

08 Feb 15

League Travel Payments

We have been informed the RFU Finance Department are currently going through the travel payments to make sure everything is in order.

Once completed the payments will be made and should be in club accounts next Tuesday (18th November).

Clubs are entitled to payments for any league games where the travel involved is over 150 miles as defined by the RFU Regulations. These are identified by the South West and do not require the clubs to apply for them.

13 Nov 14

Clash of shirt colours

Kit – Clash of Colours Regulation 13.6.3

Following requests from many clubs the SWDOC has agreed that regulation 13.6.3 (a) (i) will apply at ALL levels in the South West leagues. i.e. It is the responsibility of the AWAY team (NOT THE HOME TEAM) to change shirts if there is a clash of colours.

Please discuss with your opponents when confirming the match arrangements, kick-off times etc prior to your league game. The reasoning for keeping the home club in their usual colours is for the benefit of match sponsors who expect to see their logos and branding being used.

It should be noted that the regulation as printed in the RFU handbook omitted part of the wording which gives the SW the discretion to make this ruling.

RFU Game Management System - UPDATED

The new player registration system is now available for clubs to use.

The login is now via

If you do not know your club's login details or have any other queries you should contact the RFU's helpdesk on 020 8831 6651.

Registrations can still be processed by post via this office.

18 Aug 14

Result Cards

A supply of result cards has been posted to the Nominated League Contact at every club. The addresses used were those we had by the 31st July.

Please note there has been a change in the design of cards due to Royal Mail regulations. All cards from previous seasons are now invalid and should be destroyed.

Any club which has not received its cards seven days before its first game should contact the admin office for advice. Please do not leave it to the eve of the game.

Clubs with more than one team will received separate packages with their cards, please note different leagues have different style of cards due to differing regulations, please do not mix them up!

Where appropriate clubs have also been sent a list of registered players. Please check this and ensure the players you plan to use in your opening games are registered, if not get them to complete forms NOW!

07 Aug 14

Fixtures and Registration

As you may be aware the RFU is rolling out its new software in August. As part of the process the data from the old system is being moved across to the new one. This means that we currently cannot update any fixtures nor process any registrations.

The fixture pages on show the fixture changes which were approved by the 16th July. If you have applied for a change and it is not shown currently that is because either a) we received it after the 16th July or b) we are still waiting for your opponents to agree to the change.

Registrations will be processed in August as soon as we are able. In the meantime do please keep sending them in, but just be aware there will be a delay. Please DO NOT forget the stamped addressed envelope when sending in your player forms.

23 Jul 14