RFU Clusters announced for Spring Competition

Please see the finalised clusters and below for some further update on how we will proceed with the clusters in the new year:

  • Please be aware that some clusters may have changed from those initially sent out, this is in response to clubs opting-out. However these changes are in line with the principles previously communicated.
  • Given the complexities with current Tier systems, and the earliest update to Tiers in the new year being the 13th Jan, we have scheduled the start date of the clusters to allow for any potential changes, i.e. fixture changes and movement of teams between clusters, to be made with enough notice for clubs.
  • The first round of games will now take place on the weekend of 23rd/24th Jan. This does not mean teams cannot play fixtures they have organised themselves before the weekend of 23rd/24th Jan.  Additionally, CBs and/or other non-RFU locally organised clusters can start before this date.
  • Teams unable to start on the 23rd/24th because of Tier restrictions will have their affected games moved to another place in the fixture list. These fixtures may be bolted on to the back of the fixture list or to break/reserve weeks or a mix of both – this will be determined between the teams involved.
  • Teams unable to play in their clusters will be encouraged to arrange games locally amongst themselves (within their Tier and area parameters).
  • Cluster fixtures lists will be available to teams on 22nd December. They will be uploaded to GMS and also sent to teams via their respective Organising Committees.


11 Dec 20