2020-2021 Fixtures

The fixtures for the new season have been published and are available here.

The season has been divided into three windows. Most Leagues been split into two groups based on geography. In the first window you will play each team in your group home and away. Dates have been allocated to these games. If we do not start on time each week will be automatically moved to the end of the first window. Thus if we don’t start until, say, week 6 – it is week 6’s fixtures which will be your first game. Therefore you will always have maximum notice of what your fixtures will be.  You can read more details in the latest newsletter.

Please note: It is not yet confirmed when the season will start – the dates shown may well change as outlined above.

If we complete the first window successfully we will then move to the second which will see you playing teams from the other group in your league once – either home OR away. If there is still time after that the third window will be played – where you will meet the teams from the opposite group at the opposite venues to the second window.

15 Jul 20