Walkovers and Postponements - Match Cards

A reminder - if your game is postponed or a walkover you should NOT complete the Electronic Match Card (EMC) but follow the provisions of SW Admin Instruction 5

5. Reporting of Postponed, Cancelled or Abandoned Matches

5.1 Both Clubs shall report the postponement or abandonment to its League Secretary as soon as possible giving full reasons, and in the case of an abandonment, the score and the time elapsed in the game before it was abandoned.

5.2 Separately and additionally, the home Club shall notify the Admin Office before kick off of any cancellation (including walkovers), postponement or abandonment of a match on the day it occurs and if it is cancelled by 2pm the day of the match by 3.30pm. This notification should be by email (admin@swrugby.co.uk), telephone (01822 678 007) or SMS text message (07797 800 102) NOT the electronic match card.

The simple rule - if the game doesn't start (or is played as a friendly) - don't use the card.

22 Sep 19