Exeter University lose appeal

An RFU Disciplinary Panel has upheld the South West’s decision to deduct 50 points from Exeter University for a series of breaches of the conditions applicable to their participation in the English Clubs Championship.

The panel, chaired by High Court Judge Sir James Dingemans, heard the club had agreed to conditions when it joined the leagues in 2011 that it would not use players who had played in the BUCS League in the same season. At the start of this season the club had applied to have these removed but had been turned down. The club acknowledged it had then breached the conditions rather than challenge them further.

The panel noted the League Secretary’s decision to deduct the club on the basis of five points per game rather than five points per player was designed to punish the University but not relegate them.

The South West and the University will discuss what conditions, if any, should apply to the team for Season 2015-2016.

24 Mar 15