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The continuing bad weather....

Another 103 games were called off due to the weather today, bringing the total for the season to over 400.

These have all now been given new dates, however many leagues now have games on Easter Saturday and in three cases Easter Monday as well.

The South West will be looking at all re-arranged fixtures to see if by moving them around more efficient use can be made of the remaining Saturdays this season. Clubs are also welcome to review their own games and if they wish to move a game to a midweek date under lights or when the clocks change they are encouraged to contact the Admin Office to discuss the possibilities.

Please note, at present, an extension to the season has not been sanctioned but the situation remains under review.

08 Feb 14

Cup Competitions

Following the games on the 18th January the draws for the next round, to be played on 1st February, have been updated - see the SW Cups menu tab for details.

Cards have been posted to all teams involved.

If you previously had a league game on this date please note the cup takes priority and you should advise your league opponents accordingly. The league game will be re-arranged once the outcome of the cup game is known.

Noel Stafford

The South West has been sorry to learn of the death of former League Secretary Noel Stafford.

Noel, a former Dorset & Wilts RFU President, joined the SW Competitions Committee as a deputy league secretary for Southern Counties South in 1995 and served 15 years on the committee before retiring as Dorset & Wilts Division One secretary at the end of the 2009/2010 season.

More details at

09 Dec 13

SW Qualifying Rounds of the RFU Cups

The draw has been made for the SW stages of the RFU Cups.

In some cases we are waiting for the nominations from the Constituent Body competitions, but the details as we have them are here

Long Distance Travel Payments

Clubs which qualify for assistance with travel to League games should receive payment from the RFU into their bank accounts this week.

22 Oct 13

David Smith

The South West has been shocked to learn of the death of Somerset Two North and South League Secretary David Smith.

He was involved in a road traffic accident on the way to a game on Saturday 12th October.

Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this time.

(Picture courtesy of the Somerset Referees' Society)

Switching Fixtures

It seems some clubs need reminding about the procedure for changing fixtures.

During the summer clubs could move a fixture to any date in the season. Now the games have started you may only bring a game forward to an earlier date and not push it back to later in the season. You can apply via the online form mentioned below.

You can swap the home and away fixtures - this must be done by mutual consent and permission sought via the online form - see "Contact Us" on the menu. Both clubs should complete two forms, one to move the home game to the date of the away game and one to move the away game to the date of the home game. You CANNOT just go ahead and agree it among yourselves. The Admin Office needs to be involved.

The one exception concerns bad weather in the first half of the season. If your pitch is unplayable but your opponents is not you are expected to reverse the venues under the provisions of the SW Admin Instructions. All that is needed in those cases is a call to the Admin Office on the Saturday morning. Please do not leave it until you call your result in. The games are listed in alphabetical order and there is not the time to scroll through 180 plus games, find it, reverse it and then take the score in the midst of all the other results.

Finally, if a game is postponed due to cup or weather, the SW will write to both clubs with the new date.

Texting in your result?

Just a reminder if you text in your result to 07797 800102 and either team scored 20 points or more you MUST let us know how many tries were involved. We need this for the bonus points. We cannot assume that a large score will automatically mean a bonus point has been earned. In one recent game a side scored 43 points - but only two tries!

If you leave the information out the league table is likely to be inaccurate until the match cards are checked and amendments made the following week.

Reporting your result

We are aware a number of organisations are keen you report your results to them after your game.

Clearly they help to promote the sport and we have no wish to stop them, however please remember you MUST report your score to the admin office as soon as possible after the result. It is a requirement of taking part in the competition that you do so. There are a number of ways you can do this - the details are here -

15 Sep 13

Result Cards

A supply of result cards and, where appropriate, a list of registered players have been sent to all clubs today and should arrive by the weekend.

If any club has not received their cards seven days before their first game please contact the office for confirmation of who they were sent to. Do not wait until the eve of the game - we do our best to help but we cannot work miracles and get a card to you if we only find out on the Friday night!

14th August 2013